Tagging: How Bills are Secretly Snuffed

If you’ve never heard of “Tagging” or how it’s used in the Texas House Calendars Committee, you need to know this is one of the most devious devices ever to come out of a smoke-filled room of political bosses.

There are 2 main tactics that our corrupt politicians use to kill bills they don’t want seeing the light of day. And this is in the order they happen.

1.) Committee Chairs: Never bring ’em up for review.
(This is how Dennis Bonnen, Ways & Means Committee Chair, killed any hope for property tax reform in the last session.)

2.) Calendars Committee: Never schedule ’em for a vote.
(Politicians anonymously tag bills for delay, delay, delay… and then the session runs out.)

That’s how bills are secretly snuffed.

The public never finds out because the tactics provide complete cover to all who use them. All the other clowns get plausible-deniability. They can “claim” the position on a bill their constituents want and have Zero-Risk of any proof otherwise (i.e.their vote on record).

Please, Texans. Take Action. Now.

Use the link provided below to let your legislators know you want this stopped. And you don’t have to be a member of GOA to use their service. Trust me, they won’t mind. Everyone benefits.

Thanks to Rachel Malone and GOA for calling this out, and making this possible.

No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax