How to Eliminate Property Tax – Part 2. Find House & Senate Sponsors

28 JAN 2018 – A couple of House Representatives during the last Texas Legislature session sponsored bills, NOT to “Reform” or “Relieve” Property Tax, but ABOLISH it. While this was encouraging, it wasn’t the first time this has been proposed (and failed). What will help them succeed?

Before the next circus comes to Austin, we need to find a couple of “Olympians of the Sawdust Circle,” who will become sponsors for our bill. One in the House. One in the Senate.

They must have our same conviction, that property ownership is our right, the basis of a free society, and to own it, we must Eliminate Property Tax. Because property taxed is never owned.

It is time to find them now. We’ll start to identify those potential sponsors now, start those conversations now, and start preparing with them for the next legislative session, now.

You, as a member of this group, can help identify our best potential sponsors or cosponsors. Watch the campaigns underway. Identify those who indicate they want to Eliminate Property Tax. An encouraging number of new grassroots activist candidates are taking the next step, campaigning on liberty agendas. Several incumbents are saying the same, but we know some of these have no true intentions.

Find campaign websites for your district candidates for the House and Senate. Review their issue statements. Join their Facebook pages. Learn about their past character and behavior. Have their actions always been aligned with liberty principles? Have they been incongruent? Are they slipping?

From what we saw in the last session, do you think our Governor will propose that we Eliminate Property Tax? What about anyone in the Senate? Nevertheless, we have several in the House who are actively looking to propose it, again. We may be able to find a Senator who will, as well. Even so, we must approach and lobby the most promising contenders if we are going to make this happen.

To do this, our champions are going to need something from us. Overwhelming force. Intimidation. That will take a lot of us. And they will need to use all of us, loudly, all at once.

If they are going to tame lions in this political circus, you and I are going to have to become their cracking whip.

No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax