Behind the Scenes: What Happens When You Call Your Legislator?

5 FEB 2017 – Ever wonder what happens to those calls you make to your legislators? Here’s my real-time observation.

My State Senator, Joan Huffman, was in the Finance Committee meeting to review SB4 (Defund Sanctuary Cities). I was there to drop off a copy of the slide deck we used in our presentation to Jonathan Stickland and see if I could raise interest in the Senate to Eliminate Property Tax.

Since Joan was out, I was greeted by Wroe Johnson, her Chief of Staff. Wroe graciously offered to meet with me for a few minutes in his office where I briefed him on why I was there and what had resulted.  Several times we were interrupted by phone calls. Of course, I asked him to please take them. Each one only lasted a couple of minutes or so. He politely acknowledged the caller’s input while putting a tick-mark on his post-it note.

He was counting Support and Opposition calls on the bill to Defund Sanctuary Cities.

Lesson Learned: Don’t waste time on long-winded phone calls or wordy emails. Keep It Simple. Just politely ask them to Oppose or Support the bill or issue you’re contacting them about. Because that’s probably all that going to get through to your Legislator. No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax