Legislators Make Only $7,200?

10 JAN 2019 – Next time you hear that a Texas Legislator only makes $7,200 a session, remember this number.

It’s the total amount of money paid to each Texas lawmaker during the 140-day legislative session — $600 per month plus $221 per diem.

But wait… that’s not all!

Any Lobbyist can spend up to 60% of that per diem on your legislator, too. All without reporting it!

“Lobbyists are only required to report their expenditures when those costs exceed 60 percent of the lawmakers per diem.

In other words, a lobbyist can spend up to $132.60 on a lawmaker each day without having to report it. If a lobbyist takes four legislators to dinner, he can spend more than $530 without having to file a report.

If two lobbyists happen to be there, they can spend more than $1000 on those legislators without voters ever knowing.”

And we wonder why they don’t listen (to us).

No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax