Rep. Kyle Biedermann, HD73 (Fredericksburg) Scores Zero on Property Tax

11 JUL 2019 – Here is a recent comment about his position by one of his constituents in our group, Eliminate Property Tax.

Mike Hillin – Our members should contact the State Representative for Comal County and insist that he intervene in this situation. Our Senators and State Representatives are ultimately to blame for such abuses. They were instructed to ELIMINATE PROPERTY TAX and ignored our passage of Proposition 1.

Bob Trautman
Mike Hillin I have spoken to Biedermann. He won’t lift a finger. He talks the talk but does nothing……he stated local government needs their property tax money.”——–This is the sentiment with far too many Texas Legislators. As a result, they failed or refused to support their Legislative Priorities (to Eliminate Property Tax). That behavior should not be rewarded in the next primary.

No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax