We’re a non-partisan coalition of political activists across the state who want to 

Eliminate Property Tax in Texas 

through legislative activism.


A Vision Statement defines what we want. It is a simple summary of the objective we want to achieve when we are done. Every task started, every step taken, every resource used, must align with accomplishing that Vision Statement.

“Eliminate Property Tax for every Texan, everywhere, forever with a restructured Texas Tax System that replaces 60+ taxes with an efficient, transparent, consumption tax, alone.”


A Mission Statement defines what we must do to accomplish our Vision. In a simple summary, it guides the fundamental direction for the organization, its members and stakeholders.

  • Find Texas Representative(s) and Senator(s) who will Sponsor HB3742 (83R) to Eliminate Property Tax and introduce it in the next Legislative Session.
  • Aide in acquiring Legislators from both Chambers who will Co-Sponsors the bill.
  • Organize Texas activist members by informing, educating, and equipping them to be effective advocates with State Legislators.
  • Engage organizations who are beneficial stakeholders with large political action committees to champion our bill.