How to Eliminate Property Tax – Part 1. Change Faces in the TXLEGE

15 JAN 2018 – When I started this group, Debra Medina told me, “We won’t Eliminate Property Tax until we change faces in Austin.” That was a dismal, depressing moment. I knew she was right.

Kick out the Clowns. We need more grassroots State Representatives and Senators with our same convictions.

Go find and support better candidates, both Senators, and Representatives… whoever they represent, wherever they are, no matter what party. It doesn’t matter if they don’t represent your district.

If they are advocates to Eliminate Property Tax, help them get elected!

Friend Candidates on Facebook. Contact them. Give them your support. Give money. Go Block Walk. Volunteer. But decide to do something, now. Because time is running out. The primary elections are March 6.

To this end, we’ll continue to follow and share information from Facebook groups like Texas Legislative Watch and Empower Texans. That will help us identify and Kick Out the Clowns.

No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax