How to Eliminate Property Tax – Part 3. Share the Message

Without promotion, something terrible happens… NOTHING!” – P.T. Barnum

04 FEB 2018 – Ten years ago, I had no clue that we could or should Eliminate Property Tax. If my curiosity had not been captured by the passionate words of a liberty activist running for Texas Governor in 2010, I would probably still be clueless today.

“Wait…What! We never ‘own’ our property?” That epiphany was a lightning strike. But neither mainstream media nor most politicians have any interest in promoting this message. In fact, just the opposite.

Therefore, it is up to us.

Get the message out. I don’t just mean using Social Media. Get up and go do what scares you. Fortune favors the bold.

Can you write? Then write articles. Submit them to newspapers and magazines that discuss Texas politics, both in print or digital media. Open your eyes and start looking. You will begin to see opportunities everywhere.

Will you get rejections? Yes. So what. Keep going. Most local media is hungry for killer (and controversial) content that doesn’t cost them time and money to produce. Hand them a well-written article and you will see it printed word for word.

Can you talk? Then show some skin. Go talk with people. Find meetings where they discuss Texas politics. There are local political groups gathering everywhere. When it’s election season, Politicians are everywhere, taking every opportunity to connect with voters.

Go there. Be bold. Speak up. Even if you know you’ll find disagreement. Feel you failed? So what. Keep going. Your words may become that lightning strike for someone else.

Make brochures, flyers or business cards. Don’t be afraid to hand them out at these events. Do the same for candidates who want the same. And whatever you do, share the results, good or bad, with the rest of us here. Any lessons learned are valuable.

But whatever you decide, decide to do something.

Because if we don’t promote this, something terrible will happen… NOTHING.

No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax