How to Eliminate Property Tax – Part 4. Help Others Discover Us

18 FEB 2018 – We don’t need more anger. We need more angry activists. A lot more.

Share this group. Every time you see or say something on Facebook related to property tax, drop this Hashtag in your comment:


That’s the quickest, easiest way. If anyone clicks on it, they immediately “Discover” links to our posts. Because this is the ONLY Facebook group called Eliminate Property Tax. And with rare exception, we are the ONLY ones ever using this Hashtag.

Click those Like and Share Buttons. Share posts to your own page, to a friend’s page and to other groups. Ask friends to do the same. People can’t discover us if they’ve no idea we exist.

Grow this group. We’ve gotten steady member growth in this first year. But to really impact the Texas Legislature next session, we’ll need 10 times more. We could easily do that in another year, but it will take all of us sharing this group and encouraging others to do the same.

Invite or add members. We are an open, public group. That means you can approve other property owners who want to join. And never fear. This will never become a passive group of keyboard minions posting worthless, snarky memes or making partisan, personal attacks. Not going to happen.

Our mission is to effect change through personal action. And our Texas Legislature will never act until they feel massive amounts of immediate pain. A couple of pitchforks and torches isn’t going to do that. So, go recruit other angry property taxpayers. Challenge them to join, participate and “do something!”

Because we’re going to do what no one else is doing. We’re going to help them discover how.

No Relief. No Reform. #EliminatePropertyTax